Loss of a loved one

When a loved one dies, no matter the circumstances, it can be a very emotional and devastating time. It's important to give yourself time and space to go through the grieving process.

Losing a loved one affects individuals in different ways and there is no correct way to deal with your feelings and emotions, but there is help and support available.

Specialist suicide bereavement support

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The Tomorrow Project offers one-to-one, confidential, face-to-face support for anybody from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who has been affected or bereaved by suicide. There is no age restriction to access this service.

The service welcomes referrals through their service email or through the service enquiry line, below.

The service accepts both professional referrals and self-referrals.

Following referral, A suicide bereavement support officer will contact you and arrange to meet with you for on-going emotional and practical support. We can also support with the death inquest process and provide guidance and advice if you are concerned or caring for someone who has been bereaved by suicide.

Suicide leaves behind devastation on many levels, with many questions and concerns. The Tomorrow Project ensures don't have to go through it alone.

Other bereavement support

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