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Change in lifestyle

Throughout our life, we may experience a lot of change. Sometimes, these can trigger feelings of doubt, worry or uncertainty. This is absolutely normal, and whatever you're experiencing, support and advice is available.

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The diagnosis of a life changing or terminal illness in yourself or a loved one, can make you experience uncontrollable emotions. The shock of having to suddenly face and think about death is really hard to deal with.

With this is a loss of control in your life alongside potentially long periods of pain that can leave you feeling powerless and withdrawn.

Most people will go through a similar range of feelings when presented with this situation. However, we all have our own way of coping and handling the unforeseen challenges.

Spending Time In Prison

When someone is sent to prison it can affect the whole family. The person imprisoned may be battling with being separated from their family and friends – this can be one of the most difficult aspects of their sentence. It is understandable that they'll be feeling very low and vulnerable and family and friends can also feel as if they're being punished.

In a prison setting, somebody may feel fear of other inmates, consequences of their crime, or imprisonment, and the loss of a significant relationship.

The adjustment to being released from prison and building a life can be a scary and uncertain time for prisoners and their families too.