What is the Tomorrow Project?
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What is the Tomorrow Project?

The Tomorrow Project was set up in 2012 in direct response to a local community in need and struggling with the devastating aftermath of suicide. it is a confidential suicide prevention project set up to support individuals and communities affected by suicide. Suicide is a decision that someone makes to end their life when they feel overwhelmed by their circumstances, when the struggles they face seem too difficult or painful or they have ran out of options.

Where to find us?

Please download the PDF below for a guide on how to find the Tomorrow Project.

What to expect?

When you access the service, you can expect to be met by one of the friendly and welcoming staff with a hot drink in hand, who will be there with you through what might feel as the most difficult and darkest of times.

Tomorrow Project offer specialised emotional and practical support. This can mean a great deal of different things to different people and will be shaped by you and your needs. Grief is as unique as you are, and everyone will be affected in their own way.

They will start by contacting you through your preferred means of contact, and after a quick chat they will book your first appointment. They have two meeting places in Leicestershire; however, they will be flexible and work with you to find an alternative location, if this is what is best for you. They also provide information and advice for your family and friends, support that is tailored to groups and communities through the form of local drop-ins, guidance with media requests and support at the Inquest.

They accept all forms of referrals and enquiries, including self-referrals. They will support everyone who might be struggling following a suicide, of any age and with any relationship to the person they lost, including first responders and others who may not acknowledge a relationship but have been affected by the loss.

Meet the team:

Ana Profile

Ana is our Suicide Bereavement Service Manager. Before joining Harmless as a research intern looking at the psychological functions of self-harm, she volunteered with The Housing First Project in Lisbon, an innovative approach to end homelessness. In 2017 Ana joined the small team at The Tomorrow Project, supporting the people bereaved by suicide in Nottinghamshire. Since then she helped the service grow and now manages the new teams supporting the people of Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Lincolnshire too. Ana still provides clinical front-line support, something she will always continue to do.

Helen Profile

Helen is a Suicide Bereavement Support Officer for the Tomorrow Project in Leicestershire. She has just completed her first year in a diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and hopes to qualify next year. Her background has been as a manager/proprietor within the health and fitness arena, where she realised wellbeing is being in touch with yourself not just physically, but mentally too.

Rachel Profile

Rachel joined the Tomorrow Project in November 2019 as a Suicide Bereavement Support Officer. Her role is to work with clients bereaved by suicide in Leicestershire, offering practical and emotional support. Prior to joining the Tomorrow Project, she worked in bereavement support with a national charity and as a volunteer counsellor with a Leicester cancer charity. Rachel is also a qualified counsellor having recently completed a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

Sofia Profile

Sofia is a Suicide Bereavement Support officer and the Project Lead for Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. She studied Psychology for her undergraduate degree and Psychological Well-being and mental health for her masters degree. Before joining Harmless and The Tomorrow Project, she worked as a support worker, supporting vulnerable individuals within the community, and volunteered at Juno Women's Aid.

Make a referral:

If you live in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland and have been affected or bereaved by suicide and would like support with how you are feeling, please complete the self-referral form below and somebody from the Tomorrow Project team will contact you.

Please complete the self-referral form below if you have been affected or bereaved by suicide and would like support. For residents of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland only.

If you live in Nottinghamshire, contact: bereavement@tomorrowproject.org.uk

If you live in Derbyshire, contact: bereavement.derbys@tomorrowproject.org.uk

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  • When I lost my wife, this was so devastating to me, my world had just ended, I was at the lowest point in my life. I was introduced to The Tomorrow Project, they listened to all my feelings and emotions. They helped me so much by listening, advising and just being there to support me. Because I had their support I now I feel I have come out the other side. They made me feel that I wanted to carry on. And now that is what I am doing. I miss my wife so much, but I can see a future for myself.
  • The project has been a great help in picking up the pieces after the worst part of my life. Without these sessions, I do not believe I would have gone this far, and I thank them for that.
  • I think that having a safe place to talk about things has been enormously beneficial. I think that I am generally more positive about things. I can also open about my experience of bereavement and how it made me feel. I feel much more balanced and settled, the thoughts in my head are not as chaotic as they used to be.
  • I have been working with The Tomorrow Project since my daughter's tragic death. They are supportive to me with good suggestions for my everyday problems. I now feel that I can get through the daily problems and it is natural to have good and bad days. Life will never be the same again, but I am learning it is ok to cry and then smile and to keep going. I always feel better after a session or phone call from them. Nothing is too much trouble.

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