Finding hope

There is hope out there. This may be hard to believe if you're going through a difficult time in your life but it's important to remember that there is help and support available to guide you through the hard times, these thoughts and feelings do pass.

Watch these short films, from people sharing stories of feeling suicidal:

Matthew's story

Matthew experienced his mother dying by suicide when he was a child. Later in life he experienced mental health problems which led him to feel confused and wanting to escape reality. Matthew has learnt that feelings of hopelessness and despair, don't go on forever and things can get better.

Viv's story

Viv tells the story of her attempted suicide. Struggling to cope with mental illness and the birth of her son, she took an overdose. Although Viv felt like she had reached a point of no return, with help and support she has been able to take control of her mental illness and life is more hopeful.

Paul's story

Paul has found through adversity comes strength and shares his story with us. Coming from an abused background and later in life coming to terms with his own sexuality, Paul felt lost and attempted to take his own life at 16 years old. He shares his journey of finding hope.

Clare's story

Clare struggled to find joy or pleasure in life, her pet dying was the last straw and she took an overdose. Looking back, she notices what she really needed was to exist and connect by doing things with friends, family and her community.

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