Sometimes our lifestyle can add unforeseen pressure and uncertainty to our lives and this isn't always easy to deal with.

You can get advice, help and support to help you if you identify with these lifestyles:


Loneliness is a feeling and it affects everyone differently. You can be surrounded by people every day yet still feel lonely, whereas someone else may be on their own most of the time yet not feel lonely at all. There is nothing wrong with being on your own if you enjoy your own company but for some this feeling of loneliness is not nice.

Everyone has different social needs; some people like to speak to very few people but others like to enjoy a large amount of interaction with others. There could be a number of factors in our lives that could lead us to suddenly feel alone, such as:

  • the loss of a loved one (partner, child, relative, friend and even pet)
  • moving to live somewhere else
  • loss of a job or retirement

Help and support

If you're feeling lonely there are organisations that can help you:

Rural communities

A large part of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland is rural and evidence shows rural communities have a greater risk of mental health problems due to factors such as access to services, social exclusion and rural deprivation (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2018).

Help and support

If you're part of a rural community and you feel you need some help, you can contact: