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My Turning Point

My Turning Point is a digital treatment tool that provides online support to help manage drinking and drug use, and how they impact your lifestyle day-to-day. There are two platforms: one for alcohol use and a second for drug use. Both platforms are free to access and available to people in Leicestershire and Rutland.

On this page you will find:

Fully accessible on smartphone, tablet and computer, My Turning Point provides 24/7, unlimited access to a range of guided and self-help sessions that can help you to understand and control your drug and alcohol use.

In addition, there are sessions and materials designed to help with emotional health and wellbeing. These include advice on how to deal with stress at work, sleep difficulties, anxiety and financial difficulties.

My Turning Point has no sign-up obligation, which means that resources can be accessed freely, in confidence and at a time that suits you.

Visit the My Turning Point website for more information.