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Get The Ball Rolling, Start A Conversation

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Get The Ball Rolling, Start A Conversation

Posted: Tue, 08 Feb 2022 12:49

Get The Ball Rolling, Start A Conversation

Men are being encouraged to talk to their friends about their feelings, as part of a campaign that aims to tackle the high levels of male suicide across the county.

The 'Get the Ball Rolling' campaign has been devised by the city, county, and Rutland councils' Start a Conversation partnership, and follows a report on male suicide published this year by Healthwatch Leicester and Leicestershire.

The report found that males are almost 3 times as likely to die by suicide than females.

A total of 455 deaths by suicide in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland were recorded between January 2015 and June 2021. Of these, 353 were males, which represents 75.1% of all deaths.

The campaign, supported by local brewery Everards, uses sporting references on beer mats, posters and on social media to encourage men to 'Get the Ball Rolling' and talk about mental health.

It uses sporting references on beer mats, posters and on social media to prompt men to start a conversation with others, and direct them to where they can get help if they are struggling with their mental health. The information has been placed in more than 100 Everards pubs across the city, county, and Rutland.

'Get the Ball Rolling' has support from the United Leicester mental health hub. It is an online platform where members of the local sporting community share their own stories with the aim of helping others to talk and get the support they need.

United Leicester is a partnership of the city's four professional sports clubs and funded by their respective official charities.

Councillor Louise Richardson, lead member for public health, said: "It is so important to encourage more open and honest conversations about suicide and mental health, particularly in men. To have so many parts of the community, like United Leicester and Everards, come together to support Start A Conversation is brilliant."

Think about ALEC:

Ask your mate how he is feeling and encourage him to talk without judgement.

Listen and give him your full attention, ask questions so he knows that you are listening.

Encourage action by suggesting things he could do to help his mental health and encourage him to chat to his doctor if these feelings are lasting.

Check on him after your chat - don't leave the conversation there, follow up and ensure he knows you're there for him.

For information about the Get The Ball Rolling campaign, and for help and support in the community, visit www.unitedleicester.com

If you or somebody you care about need mental health or suicide prevention advice, visit our advice pages.

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