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Self-Injury Awareness Day 2022

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Self-Injury Awareness Day 2022

Posted: Tue, 01 Mar 2022 10:49

Self-Injury Awareness Day 2022

March 1st is Self-Harm(/Injury) Awareness Day.

The awareness day is recognised annually across the world. Its aim is to raise awareness of self-harm or injury and try to reduce associated stigma by providing practical help, advice, and support for those who self-harm and the people around them.

Self-harm is when you hurt yourself on purpose. For some people, it is a way to try and reduce overwhelming thoughts, to feel a sense of control or to escape feelings.

There are always reasons for someone hurting themselves. But self-harm has both emotional and physical risks.

Public Health Leicestershire County Council have partnered with distrACT to ensure that local communities have access to an award-winning app that provides trusted information and links to support people who self-harm and may feel suicidal.

On the free distrACT app users can discover self-help techniques, access first aid, and find out about local services in confidence without sharing any information.

distrACT, and our Start A Conversation website, aim to increase awareness of local services and to reduce self-harm and improve safety in our community.

Download distrACT for free on your phone or tablet app store.

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