Pledge your support

Suicide is preventable and we'd like you to become a key partner in its prevention.

Whether you're an individual or an organisation, we encourage you to pledge your support for the Start a Conversation campaign so that we can work together as a community to prevent suicide.

You can show your support by:

  • making a pledge (details below)
  • using #StartAConversation on social media

Everyone can make a valued contribution to prevent suicide. Through our pledge campaign and working together we hope to:

  • raise awareness of suicide and the impact it has on our community
  • show care and compassion for those in need of support
  • challenge the assumptions and stigma attached to suicide
  • start a conversation and identify warning signs in a hope to prevent suicidal behaviour
  • promote emotional health and wellbeing in our communities

Through hard work and dedication we can build a sustainable suicide-safe community across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

As an individual

I pledge to:

  • start a conversation if I feel overburdened or worried
  • start a conversation with a friend, family member or a colleague if I'm worried about them
  • start a conversation and ask for help if I need it
  • keep an eye out for warning signs in others

As an organisation

We pledge to:

  • ask employees to start a conversation with somebody if they're worried about them
  • endeavour to share the #StartAConversation message across our organisation and around the local community
  • promote emotional health and well being in the workplace

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Pledge Your Support

Not sure what to say?

Starting a conversation with someone you are worried about isn't always easy.
Not sure what to say? Have a look at these videos from the Small Talk Saves Lives campaign.
To find out more about this campaign, click here.

Everyday Small Talk

Sarah's Story

Show your support

Create awareness in your organisation or community by showing people that there is support at hand.

On social media you can use #StartAConversation to show your support.

You can also use:

Information sharing

Please be aware that due to GDPR regulations by providing us with your information you're consenting to us contacting you and holding your information for the sole purpose of the Start A Conversation campaign. This will include keeping you up to date with our events, training and news. Your information will not be passed to any other companies or organisation.

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