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Make a Pledge

On this page you will find:

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What is the Start a Conversation pledge?

We need your help to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention, to help make our communities places where everyone can have positive mental health.

Our pledge tool gives you the opportunity to show your commitment to our mission and have your say on our pledge wall. Making a pledge can help us to stay committed to our goals and make us accountable for taking action. By signing this pledge and writing on our pledge wall you are helping to empower yourself and others to take positive action.

What does signing the pledge involve?

Before signing the pledge you first need to agree to our action statements. These include you pledging to:

  • Challenge stigma surrounding mental health and suicide
  • Challenge negative language linked to mental health and suicide
  • Start a conversation about mental health and suicide

If you agree with these actions you can now sign the pledge.

How do I sign the pledge?

Now you are in agreement with our action statements you can sign the pledge. Click on the 'your pledge' button below and you will be taken to a page where you can complete the sign-up form and submit your pledge, and see those written by others on our wall.

On this page, when you click on the 'submit your pledge' button you will be taken to a sign-up form. This form will ask a couple of questions about you, and will then ask about your specific pledge which links back to our actions. In this text box you can share with us how you plan to achieve our pledge actions. Remember that the name, pledge and location you share will be published on our pledge wall.

After you submit your pledge, our team will be notified. They will review your pledge and approve it if suitable. Once approved it will appear on our pledge wall. As well, if you provide your consent, you will receive an automated email which gives more information and support to help you achieve your pledge.

Who else has signed the pledge?

You can see who else has signed the pledge on our pledge wall, available through the make a pledge page. It is also possible to see the total number of people who have signed the pledge on our home page.

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