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The impacts of suicide are far reaching. When someone dies by suicide it sends ripples through a community and can affect up to 135 people.

Every suicide matters and means losing a child, a sibling, a parent, a friend, a colleague, a team mate, a role model.

Feelings of suicide

Experiencing suicidal thoughts can mean having thoughts about ending your life. These feelings can be scary, confusing and overwhelming but you are not alone.

Suicidal thoughts can range from thinking about not wanting to be here anymore to making a plan about how and when to end your life. Feelings like this may change moment to moment or grow over time, but it is common to not understand why you feel like this. You may feel:

  • Hopeless or trapped
  • Tearful and overwhelmed by negative thoughts
  • Unbearable pain or desperation
  • Like you want to avoid other people
  • Self-loathing
  • Useless or not wanted
  • Like everyone would be better of without you
  • No desire to look after yourself

Please note this list does not include everything, it is just a brief overview.


One in every 100 deaths worldwide is the result of suicide, and every death is devastating.

In 2021 across England, 1,329 people died in road traffic accidents. In the same year, there were 5,219 registered deaths by suicide*.

74% of these deaths were males and 26% were females. The most deaths occurred in people aged 50 – 54 years.

Across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland combined over the 3-year period of 2019 – 2021, there were 257 registered deaths by suicide*. 73% of these deaths were males and 27% were females.

*It is important to note that suicide rates are based on date of registration of death, which happens after an inquest and can sometimes take more than a year.

More information

More information about suicidal thoughts, and the experiences of others, is available from these trusted websites:

Emergency Help

Call 999 if there is a threat to life