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Worried About Someone Else

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What warning signs may there be if someone is struggling with their mental health?

There may be some warning signs when someone isn't feeling ok, but remember this is very personal. They may include, but not exclusively: ​

  • Feeling restless or agitated ​
  • Not wanting to talk to or be with people ​
  • Not doing activities they usually enjoy​
  • Talking about finding it hard to cope​
  • Feeling tearful ​
  • Being tired or lacking energy​

Further information on signs and situations to look out for visit:

What factors may be contributing?

Our mental health changes over time and often things happening in our life contributes to how we feel emotionally. Some factors or situations to look out for that may challenge someone's mental health include: ​

  • Loss, bereavement or grief ​
  • Problems with relationships, family or friends ​
  • Financial worries ​
  • Housing problems​
  • Work or education related stress ​
  • Trauma​
  • Loneliness and isolation​

Remember this list does not include everything.

What should I do?

If you think someone is struggling with poor mental health, start a conversation. Providing someone with the space to talk about how they are feeling, without being judged, can be really helpful. Even if the person doesn't want to talk at the time, let them know you are there to listen when they would like. ​

We have created some tips to help you have a conversation about mental health. ​You can find these on our resources page. ​

Also encourage them to try self-help, as well as possibly seeking professional help. You can find information about self-help on our building resilience page. Also make use of our find help page so that you know which services are available – you could even offer to help with making a call or getting ready for an appointment.

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